Map and Tours – Denali National Park

Denali Map

A map to Denali National Park can be a crucial element in getting the most out of your visit.  We have organized some of the most useful maps of Denali to help you plan your trip.

Denali Entrance - Details key features at the entrance to the park.

Featured Trails - A map featuring Denali's most famous trails.

Denali's Main Road - This map details the main road, main attractions on the road, as well as campgrounds and bathroom stops.

Backpacking - There are 87 different areas to go backpacking at Denali National Park.  This map includes backpacking and also key information to plan your trip.

Denali Tours

There are a variety of ways to receive a tour of Denali National Park including through the use of an aircraft, a bus or a park ranger.  You can also take a virtual tour of different areas of the park right now from your computer.

Aircraft Tours

One of the more dramatic ways to tour Denali National Park and Preserve is from the window of a small aircraft.  In addition to the stunning scenery, flightseers can often catch glimpses of mountaineers en route to the high summits.

There are various businesses you can book these tours with.

Era Group - Helicopter Tours - Era Group offers a variety of tour packages which allow customers to get into some of the more desolate areas of the park.

Fly Denali - Airplane Tours - Fly Denali is has received some excellent reviews and is a convenient location to Denali National Park.  They also have a variety of tour packages to choose from.

Bus Tours

Using a bus can allow a traveler of Denali to conveniently see sights without having to navigate.  Two options of bus tours are available.

Narrated Bus Tours - Narrated tour buses at Denali National Park feature a trained naturalist who both drives the bus and narrates during the trip.  Tour bus trips begin and end at various locations around the entrance of the park.

Silent Bus Tours - If you want to be able to change buses as you please, a silent bus tour is your best option.  If you get off your initial bus, you can flag down any other non-narrated bus going in your desired direction.  Trips on these buses are informal.

Park Ranger Tours

Park Ranger Programs - Park rangers help people understand various aspects of Denali National Park.  Rangers can provide information through  hikes, sled dog demonstrations, and campground programs.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours - Denali National Park also offers virtual Tours.  These tours allow individuals to gain information about Denali from just about anywhere.

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