Black Bears of Denali National Park

American Black Bears

It's been estimated that their are 100,000 american black bears in Alaska including Denali.  You can learn more about the various animals of Denali National Park from our Animals Page.

Their Appearance

This bear is North America's smallest bear. They usually grow to a length of approximately 4 to 7 feet long and a weight between 180 to 200 pounds.  Contrary to popular belief, they aren't necessarily black.  They can actually range in a variety of colors including brown, cinnamon, blond, blue-gray or white.

Where to Find Them

They can actually be seen in a variety of areas.  However, they prefer to stay in forested areas where they can find lots of fruit and nuts. They like to find open sunny areas where these items grow.  They also prefer moist areas near streams, rivers, and ponds for vegetation and water.  A mother will usually nest near large trees her cubs can easily climb.  They are most active outside of their months in hibernation.  These months range from Mid-April to Late-August.

The sound of a black bear cub in the wild

The following sound clip features what a bear cub sounds like:

House Cat vs. Bear

Sometimes size really doesn't matter

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