American Marten of Denali National Park

American Marten

The American Marten is the most abundant and widespread of any of their species in Alaska.  You can learn more about the various animals of Denali National Park from our Animals Page.

Their Appearance

The american marten is covered in a soft fur that can range in color from a pale yellow to a dark brown.  This fur becomes darker (to nearly black) on their feet and legs.  They can grow up to nearly 3 feet (tail included) and weigh up to 4 pounds.  They have large, furry paws which help them travel over deep snow.

Where to Find Them

The american marten prefers to stay near trees to stay protected from predators.  They stay beneath their branches to prevent detection from predatory birds.  They also use the holes at the base of these trees as their home.  When threatened, they will return to these holes, or climb the tree.  When their isn't hope of escape, these creatures are known to fight back.  They are most active during the Autumn months.


Video and Sound Recording

Below is a video of an american marten near Sitka Alaska as well as a sound clip of how they sound in the wild.

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