Skinny Dicks Halfway Inn I Heart Dick Bumper Sticker
I Heart Dick Bumper Sticker

I Heart Dick Bumper Sticker


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I Heart Dick Bumper Sticker

We strive to ship each order as soon as possible. We expect each order to be in the mail within one to two business days. Delivery times can vary depending on the destination. Most deliveries will arrive within three to ten days.

Each shipment comes from Arizona rather than Alaska. This allows us to ship our products at a quicker rate. It also allows us to continue to provide our products even after Skinny’s closes for the winter.

You will receive three emails from us after placing an order:
The first email will come directly after placing an order to serve as an order confirmation.
The second email will arrive once the order has been prepared for delivery.
Finally, The third email will arrive after the order has been shipped.

Free Domestic Delivery

We offer free shipping on every domestic order (including Alaska and Hawaii).  There is no minimum required for these purchases.

International Delivery

We also ship internationally.  Our international shipping rate is 30%.

Delivery Questions

If you have any questions just send us an email. You can reach us at In the email be sure to provide us with your name and a brief description of what we can help you with. We usually respond within a day or so.


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