A Filthy Coma

A woman was in a long coma. A nurse was giving her a sponge bath, when she accidentally made contact with the woman's vagina, which produced a reaction on the heart monitor.

Excited, she went and told one of the Doctors, and he in turn called the woman's husband to tell him to come over as soon as possible.

"What's going on?" The husband asked, as he ran into the facility.

"Well sir, we found out that contact with your wife's privates elicits a response, and I feel that with the right stimulation she could be brought out of her coma."

"What do you suggest?" He asked with some excitement building.

"Well sir, I think some oral sex might be enough to get her back."

So the man agreed to it, and they left the room to give him some privacy with her, when not two minutes later, they here the monitor buzzing with a flat-line alert. The doctor runs in asking "what happened???"

The man shrugged and replied "I guess she must've choked on it."

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