About Our Bar and Inn


Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn is a human pit stop half way between Fairbanks and Nenana, Alaska.

Guests are refueled with beverages and good spirits.  Entertainment is  always a commodity at Skinny's.  Laughs come in all sorts of sizes as appropriateness is now optional.





The Curtiss Sawmill is built by Ralph Curtiss halfway between Fairbanks and Nenana, Alaska.  The sawmill provided much needed lumber to the community by timbering and milling spruce trees.  This lumber would then be used for building log homes and also as a heating source for local residents.


Don Deck purchases the sawmill and remodels it into a bar called The Halfway House, aptly named due to its location between Fairbanks and Nenana.


Richard (Skinny) Hiland purchases The Halfway House.  He adds an inn to give travelers a place to rest and relax.  In 1985 Skinny makes use of his good name to create Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn, a place for great laughs and moments.  Skinny passed away in 2008.


Skinny's continues to provide guests with memories of enjoyment and laughs to remember for years to come.


A World Famous Establishment

Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn has become a favorite stop for people all around the globe.  Feel free to visit these sites to see first hand what people are saying about Skinny's!


Attractions Close to Skinny Dick's

Denali National Park

Home to the Largest Mountain in North America, Denali National Park is a must see attraction for any person traveling through Alaska.

Aurora Ice Museum

A museum completely made of Ice! It has ice hallways, ice seats and even an ice bar. You can even grab an iced martini and drink it out of a martini glass made out of, you guessed it, ice.

Running Reindeer Ranch

The Running Reindeer Ranch is a family owned and operated reindeer sanctuary. With some of the most docile creatures you could meet, this ranch is an excellent place to spend some time.